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What do you do with your falls?

As with all material cuts, it happens that we have losses.

We decided to collect our scrap brass in order to melt them down and make new plates!

Do you work with or without stock?

We work without stock, there is no overproduction, each order generates a new manufacturing process.

What is your definition of Made In France

We favor French short circuits!
The manufacture of our products is 100% made in France. We are committed to working with the players closest to us (treatments, materials, paints). The majority of our employees are based within a radius of 100 km.

Are your products sustainable?

The plates of our products are in metal, we work without plastic, the mechanism at the back of the plate is also in metal. This ensures several hundred years of durability. We strive to find the most durable electronic and mechanical components.

What are your commitments for the future?

We are committed to taking the ecological footprint into account when considering the innovation of our products. We are constantly on the lookout for new materials as well as new, less polluting techniques for the treatment of our metals. We are committed to improving the lifespan and recycling of our products as well as reducing the transport footprint.

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