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Who are we ?

The Versailles company, created in 2020, defends exceptional know-how in its collections, while favoring French craftsmanship and excellence.


6ixtes has this desire "to make the simple extraordinary", and offers a new way of approaching luxury by creating switches and electrical outlets with pure and neat lines.

6ixtes also defends the values of innovation by responding to all your requests for made-to-measure equipment. Having developed its own home automation card, its devices are compatible with all languages and adapt to all projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

Our advantages

Infinite possibilities, optimal deadlines and budgets


1. Standard recessed pots

6ixtes rhymes with simplicity and efficiency by offering all its devices to be fixed on standard flush-mounting pots for dry or masonry partitions.

2. Optimized design for shorter lead times

In the Trinity range, the equipment comes in two parts, and our technical backplates can be delivered to order, without waiting for the finishing plates.

Your electrician can work without delay.

3. Infinite customization
Buttons, levers, finishes, engraving, made-to-measure: the Trinity range is endless. Choosing 6ixtes means being sure to benefit from fully customizable top-of-the-range know-how.

4. Controlled budget

With more standard entry-level products at particularly competitive prices, 6ixtes is always committed to helping you control your budget.


The workshop

It is in the effervescence of our Versailles workshop that all our creations are born. It all starts with an idea, a sketch, which our designers bring to life through 3D modeling.

The project takes shape with the creation of a prototype that will validate the shape, the volumes, and the electrical component. Production can then begin.

Each piece passes through the expert hands of our in-house trained craftsmen with unique know-how.

All stages of manufacturing are carried out by them: machining, brushing, patinas, varnishes and other finishes, electrical assembly, testing and packaging...

In this space, modern and artisanal techniques combine in order to create a technological and exceptional product.

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